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Budget sound Part 2: Wireless headset

Bluetooth headphones are more popular than ever even before Apple started to push for wireless audio by the exclusion of the headphone jack on iPhone 7, a trend surely to be followed by other manufacturers in the near future.

In this second part of my “Budget sound” series (read part 1), I’m going to introduce a Bluetooth headset that’s great for day to day use at mainly indoor. There are times when you want great sound, but what I find myself needing for general use is something light, with balanced sound and great battery life suitable for using … Read the rest


Fuji X with manual and vintage lenses – Part 2: Miranda 70-210mm f4.5-5.6

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Life, Tech/Gadget

Surface Pro 4: The worst best PC ever made and why you should avoid Surface Studio for now

Yesterday Microsoft introduced the latest member of their Surface family; Surface Studio. It’s an all in one desktop computer featuring many new technological and design innovations as they are known to do with their other Surface products. It was a very exciting and clever presentation and it is such a gorgeous piece of technology. Panos Panay, Microsoft’s VP of devices, knows how to work the crowd and it reminded me of his Surface Pro 4 presentation that made me filled with excitement for the device. This time however, I know better! Despite all the light and smoke, I have … Read the rest


Good Design #2 : French Connection Folding Sunglasses

good_design_iconI’ve been eyeing a second candidate for my Good Design series but so far I haven’t seen anything that special, so I decided to look back into the things I already use and that revealed my second Good Design award winner: a pair of sunglasses.


Sunglasses; we love them, we break them, we lose them! A good pair of sunglasses comes at a steep price and will require constant attention and protection.  Carrying around a case to protect your sunglasses, specially if you are travelling light, is a minor annoyance don’t you think? Not to mention remembering not to Read the rest