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Budget sound Part 2: Wireless headset

Bluetooth headphones are more popular than ever even before Apple started to push for wireless audio by the exclusion of the headphone jack on iPhone 7, a trend surely to be followed by other manufacturers in the near future.

In this second part of my “Budget sound” series (read part 1), I’m going to introduce a Bluetooth headset that’s great for day to day use at mainly indoor. There are times when you want great sound, but what I find myself needing for general use is something light, with balanced sound and great battery life suitable for using … Read the rest

Life, Tech/Gadget

Surface Pro 4: The worst best PC ever made and why you should avoid Surface Studio for now

Yesterday Microsoft introduced the latest member of their Surface family; Surface Studio. It’s an all in one desktop computer featuring many new technological and design innovations as they are known to do with their other Surface products. It was a very exciting and clever presentation and it is such a gorgeous piece of technology. Panos Panay, Microsoft’s VP of devices, knows how to work the crowd and it reminded me of his Surface Pro 4 presentation that made me filled with excitement for the device. This time however, I know better! Despite all the light and smoke, I have … Read the rest


Inateck Wireless Bluetooth Portable Review: A fatal flaw

Updated on 03/07/2016, refer to the bottom of the article


Despite the wide array of gadgets in all shapes and forms available these days, finding the one that suits you both functionally and aesthetically is not an easy task. I have always struggled to buy devices that combine a good design with logical and well thought through features. From buying a mouse, a headphone, all the way to a PC. Even buying a tablet, that was made simple by Apple due to their superior quality, is not a clear choice anymore when they are saturating their own market share with … Read the rest


Budget sound Part 1: Earphone

Audio: an important part of our interactions with technology. Whether it’s your daily companion device, or at home with your other electronics, good sound comes at a price, perhaps often a little too much! In this series of articles I will attempt to introduce budget solutions for different scenarios based on my experience over the years.

I’ve tried perhaps hundreds of earphones (in-ear headphones) in the past decade! We get so many of them in different situations. In a rush at an airport, or desperate to listen to your music while out and having forgotten your existing one…solution: just grabbing … Read the rest