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Good Design #2 : French Connection Folding Sunglasses

good_design_iconI’ve been eyeing a second candidate for my Good Design series but so far I haven’t seen anything that special, so I decided to look back into the things I already use and that revealed my second Good Design award winner: a pair of sunglasses.


Sunglasses; we love them, we break them, we lose them! A good pair of sunglasses comes at a steep price and will require constant attention and protection.  Carrying around a case to protect your sunglasses, specially if you are travelling light, is a minor annoyance don’t you think? Not to mention remembering not to Read the rest


Good Design #1 : HappyEars

good_design_iconIf I could start all over again, I would get more into design, more specifically, industrial & product design. I get a lot of pleasure in finding products that are very functional and at the same time objects of desire. A lot of times I think on how to improve the existing products or grieve over the design flaws that to me are just so blatantly obvious! Unfortunately it’s a little too late for me to becomes a product designer, but I can still enjoy looking out for the good ones.

I’m starting a new series of articles called “Good … Read the rest


Budget sound Part 1: Earphone

Audio: an important part of our interactions with technology. Whether it’s your daily companion device, or at home with your other electronics, good sound comes at a price, perhaps often a little too much! In this series of articles I will attempt to introduce budget solutions for different scenarios based on my experience over the years.

I’ve tried perhaps hundreds of earphones (in-ear headphones) in the past decade! We get so many of them in different situations. In a rush at an airport, or desperate to listen to your music while out and having forgotten your existing one…solution: just grabbing … Read the rest