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Budget sound Part 2: Wireless headset

Bluetooth headphones are more popular than ever even before Apple started to push for wireless audio by the exclusion of the headphone jack on iPhone 7, a trend surely to be followed by other manufacturers in the near future.

In this second part of my “Budget sound” series (read part 1), I’m going to introduce a Bluetooth headset that’s great for day to day use at mainly indoor. There are times when you want great sound, but what I find myself needing for general use is something light, with balanced sound and great battery life suitable for using … Read the rest


Budget sound Part 1: Earphone

Audio: an important part of our interactions with technology. Whether it’s your daily companion device, or at home with your other electronics, good sound comes at a price, perhaps often a little too much! In this series of articles I will attempt to introduce budget solutions for different scenarios based on my experience over the years.

I’ve tried perhaps hundreds of earphones (in-ear headphones) in the past decade! We get so many of them in different situations. In a rush at an airport, or desperate to listen to your music while out and having forgotten your existing one…solution: just grabbing … Read the rest